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The tide recedes, but leaves behind

bright seashells on the sand.

The sun goes down, but gentle warmth

still lingers on the land.

The music stops, and yet it

echoes on in sweet refrains . . .

For every joy that passes,

something beautiful remains.

Welcome to Something Beautiful Remains.

We are a family-owned boutique funeral provider, dedicated to honouring the individuals life, impeccable service, and value for money.
We provide a single point of contact, giving you continuity in guidance and attention to detail before, during and after the service.
Our philosophy is 'no rules'. Families are free to choose from;
-  religious, including church and/or cemetery services.
-  cultural and traditional ceremonies, or
-  secular celebrations performed by a celebrant in a chapel, or a                 cremation followed by a memorial service.

We also provide environmentally friendly options.

From a basic starting point, you can include or remove any aspect of the service, giving you control over costs whilst tailoring the celebration of your loved-ones life.

We service the Sydney metropolitan area, regional NSW, across Australia and overseas.