Peter Michael Lett

61 Years

"On the 7th of July, 2015 my family was severely impacted with a loss. Even though it was expected nothing can still prepare you for it.  A day later my family started to arrange many services to come to our house to give us quotes for my father’s funeral. That was where my family had the privilege of meeting Caryn. Caryn in our meeting displayed the utmost respect and sympathy for our loss. The feeling she gave not only to myself but my whole family was that this woman really cared. It was not only a business to Caryn, but she cared enough to want to help us farewell someone so treasured in our family the best way we could. At a time like that in your life, you will never forget people like Caryn .

Caryn listened to the small details of our wishes for how we wanted our day planned, and took the extra time to even sit and hear our raw grieving. I watched this lovely lady conduct herself not only culturally appropriately, but her professionalism was displayed consistently right up till the day of the funeral and even after.

Caryn worked very efficiently and delivered all promised in a very timely manner. The coffin was already arranged in the last months of my father’s life and we made Caryn aware of that. This was no concern to Caryn as she was so approachable to any needs we had. She made everything work.  The day of the viewing of my father I will never forget, as Caryn went above and beyond to make that the best experience for family. The room was beautifully set up giving you a sense of calmness and belonging the minute you walked in.

The sadness and healing is what my family is still left with, but reflection of memories is what keep us all going, which Caryn plays a significant role in too as Something Beautiful Remains Funeral Services was part of farewelling one of our greatest loved ones in our family.

I would like to thank Caryn and Something Beautiful Remains Funeral Services for making our experience of sadness and farewell such a pleasant endurance for not only my family, but everyone who attended my father’s funeral.

Yours Sincerely,

The Lett Family

Evagelia Korogiannis

89 Years

I would like to thank you with all my heart for the way you helped me and my family through a very sad and difficult time in our lives.  We were still grieving Neal's death only 2 months before my Mothers passing away.  We contacted you, and you came in and took all the burden of arranging everything off my shoulders.  You dealt with everything and everyone.  You let me have some space to grieve, with my family, the loss of my wonderful Mother, which I will always thank you for.

Joseph Glen Timbery

68 Years

"On behalf of the Timbery Family, we would like to thank Caryn Barling from Something Beautiful Remains Funeral Services. The service that Caryn provided was done with dignity, respect, and in a culturally appropriate way for our grieving family.

Caryn eased our suffering, she took care of our families worries in the most sensitive way.  When Caryn showed our family what her service can provide, we were so happy in our hearts with the Dreamtime Coffins selection.

Caryn assured our family if we need her that she was happy for us to contact her at any time, day or night.

The Timbery Family would recommend Something Beautiful Remains Funeral Services to any grieving family."

Allan Edward Trindall

61 Years

There are three things that stand out for me in relation to Allan’s funeral. The care, the coffin and the children.

Allan had wanted to make arrangements before he passed away, so Caryn met with Allan, myself and our three daughters at Campbelltown hospital for a truly difficult meeting. We talked about his wishes, and as a family made decisions about his funeral arrangements. This was made a little easier given Caryn’s relaxed and open way of talking us though some tough questions.  

We laughed, we cried and at times it was really hard, but at the end of the meeting we were confident in her abilities and that we knew exactly what we needed to do when the time came.

Caryn assured us of her availability 24 hours a day, which of course she was when I rang that long night some weeks later when Allan passed away.

The following day, Caryn arrived, and was genuine in her concern for our loss. She was not afraid to shed tears, as she understood what family meant to Allan. Caryn made all the arrangements for Allan to be taken into her care; she went over what we had previously discussed and asked if anything had changed. She promptly went about organising every detail.

A day or two later, the DIY cardboard coffin was personally delivered. This was the greatest gift of healing for the entire family. One by one, Allan’s children and grandchildren, and extended family, came to express their love, loss and humour through colour and artistic expression. Through this activity, we saw an acceptance settling across the family, and most importantly the children.

My daughter had previously spoken about addressing death with small children. Caryn had sourced some books for all ages, and throughout the days prior to the funeral, an idea was developed to incorporate a story-book for the many children that attended. Caryn adapted the book to incorporate all the names of Allan’s grandchildren and read it during the service. This book has been re-read on a few occasions since and has helped to navigate loss and grief for our young son. Personally, I feel that this should be a part of every service where the focus is on family, and children in particular.

We cannot express our thanks enough for the continued care and support given to us, and I will openly recommend Caryn and her team to anyone in need of professional and compassionate funeral services.

Lesley Trindall

Airds, NSW

Ronald Oswald Chapman

​77 Years

I was fortunate enough to have known Caryn for a number of years before the inevitable conversation.  We met over a glass of wine for a relaxed discussion about my dad's declining health. The arrangements were meticulously detailed; music, poems and order of service penned, we had agreed on a simple but elegant service for my father, a good old Aussie bloke.

Of course, there were siblings to consider, but the correct choice of celebrant/minister ensured all parties were considered and well pleased with my choices. The idea of funeral photography was raised, and at first I was hesitant, but in hind sight, something else that was remarkable about the service because as a family it's rare we all get together these days.   

I would not wish for anyone to have to undertake this delicate task, balancing the wishes of a large family such as mine with all their opinions and beliefs. But if it was mine to do again, I would not change a thing. Caryn, your insight, attention to detail, consideration and care for my family was exceptional.  

We will be forever grateful.

Ron Chapman

Joyce Edna Pritchard

​92 Years


On behalf of the entire Pritchard family, we would like to thank you and your team at Something Beautiful Remains for your impeccable service, attention to detail, compassion, advice and professionalism in honouring our beautiful Nan. Nothing was impossible; in fact, you made everything possible and for that we are truly grateful. Your personal touches helped to create lifelong memories of Nan that we will treasure forever. You and your team, with your caring touch, made a difficult time bearable, and your willingness to play a part and come along for the ride is a true testament to what personalised service is all about. Nan's personality shone through in every way, and we thank you for making that happen.

Tamara Nercessian  

Following the passing of our 10-year nephew we started to look for an urn that would match his personality and interests in life and be age appropriate.

We were incredibly disappointed in the range of urns available online. We found most were aimed at older people and none appropriate for a 10-year-old.

We came across Something Beautiful Remains online and after speaking with Caryn were happy to learn we could create a custom urn for our nephew which was completely unique to him and could encompass all of his passions in life.

Caryn was so helpful through the whole process and very easy to contact when we had any questions.

The end-product is a lovely keepsake and something that will be treasured forever.

Thank you so much!

Hannah Lake

These beautiful words received through one of our families from the grand-daughter of a passed loved-one.

“I really liked Caryn, I’m glad you chose her for Baka’s funeral “.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect mum, cos I haven’t been to a funeral before . But I liked it, it felt like a celebration , and it was also sad, but I think Baka would’ve liked it”.

“And I’m glad now that I got to see Baka on the day”.

“Caryn was very kind to the people and to me and Zac, she was checking on us if we were ok”

Miss Milly, 11

From the moment that I researched Something Beautiful Remains Funeral Services (SBRFS) to the current date I have found nothing but professionalism, individuality, care and compassion from Caryn and her team. My first contact with SBRFS was via their website. My mother had not passed away at that stage but my family had been called in to prepare the end of life plan. I found SBRFS and was instantly impressed and thought that their individuality and attention to detail just in their website was something that my mother would get a kick out of. My mother passed away not long after that and Caryn was with us all the way including encouraging and supporting me (who does not like public speaking) to undertake the eulogy. Caryn listened to family and gave us suggestions about what we could have for mum's final send off from this world and supported all of us through this difficult time in our lives. I would highly recommend Caryn and her team at SBRFS to anyone to either plan their funeral or any other families that are faced with this daunting task. My family and I now considered Caryn to be a member of our family.

Joyce Hulda Lawrence

80 Years

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